Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 days.

"I hope they call me on a mission."
   I've been called. I've been assigned to serve in Ventura, California. I leave in 10 days. It's a flood of emotion right now. I'm leaving everything I know, everything I have grown up with and finally become used to, and I'm going somewhere new. Somewhere where people don't know me, where people don't care who I am. Am I scared? Yes. I'm terrified. Am I excited? More excited than I've ever been. 
   I think the hardest thing for me, is leaving those who I love. I don't like to be far from my close ones. BUT, a thought came into my mind. I have close friends, eternal friends, waiting for me in Ventura. I just need to find them. I want my best friend (you're probably the only one reading this,) to send me letters! To keep me posted on her beautiful life. How much fun she is having, how swimming is going, and to just write, "I love you." I am going to always write her back, and barrage her with letters and emails:) 
   Oh, and see those shoes up top? Mine are going to look worse than those. I will work the hardest. I am going to wear myself out trying to bring those who are willing to accept the gospel into the church! It's going to be great. Mormon Californians baby:) thats the goal.
10 days... and counting. scared, excited, happy, sad, and everything in between.

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