Tuesday, October 4, 2011


(it's my dog. I just wanted a cool picture of something.)
So, I recently decided that I passionately, HATE when chicas that write blog posts using bold, italics, underlining, coloring, and all THAT GRAMMATICAL GARBAGE a.k.a. some chick named "anonymous." sorry linsey. Crap I slipped.   It gives me a migraine when I read 3 words changing fonts every line, and/or every word. I just named dropped. sorry. But it's true.
Im always wanting to change my blog scheme and mix it up, but ultimately I realized that it doesn't matter what the appearance is... just the content! So I know there are only a select few who follow my blog, so I'm going to try to make it something enjoyable and maybe even something useful to read...
 ANOTHER thing. I always just want to write about my lover. Brittani. She always. is. on. my. mind. Not in a distracting way, just in a way where I am always happy and comforted by the thought of her. She and I joke about who is the boss in the relationship, you know what, I definitely am. okay. no... I just like to think that. Im whipped. extremely... I just always want to make her happy. I could write a book on how I feel about brittani. I also feel extremely random on my writing scheme currently. Im having sporadic memories, and feelings rush through my body and I just want to get them out. Brittani is like facebook. She is addictive, and even if you put off things you should do to be with her, you're always happier, and its always a freaking blast.
I love the rain. Its raining right now. (the October night of the 4th) and I realized that fall is here. Its changing and I am so excited for this romantic season full of vibrant colors. I cannot wait for the fires up the canyon, the corn mazes, the pumpkins, Leroy at Heehaws with the massive balls... I guess he died. I hope they get another one who can compete in the manliness category. He's a stud. So falls here, its great! 
WELP, my blogs plain jane, sorry linsey... its not frilly and "fun" to read. and my life is not a fairy tale, and realistically, no ones is. So lets not fake it shall we. So anytime I go on a date with my girl, Im not going to go into every emotion or things that happened... making out, is well, making out. not an extravagant slow passionate kiss, that is intimate and full of sexual emotion. I dunno. I just get a kick out of these fairy tale blogs 15 year old girls read that get a weird rise out of them. So if you're looking for that, heres this... www.linseymariebrown.blogspot.com. My blog is blunt. and beautiful... like a black woman. anyways... Peace out!!

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