Monday, October 10, 2011


Mondays... gotta love them.
I spent all sunday with my lover friend, and I didnt want to go home! so I ended up getting home by 1030 and didn't really get to bed til midnight. So I woke up at 645, delirious, ready for a great day at work. Zombie mode, I showered, changed, then longboarded to work. "Work" is a cashier job at good earth. where the managers are all hypersensitive to EVERYTHING. and are all women. (I dont have a problem with women, I love one... there is just WAY too much estrogen in management.) So anyways, long day passed from 8 to 4 just standing there, checking out old people with their UTI pills, and wierd creams. So once I got done, I bounced home, feeling melancholy... I think the sky is what does that to me. And found mom teaching lessons, dad sleeping, and no one else home. So typical day. Worked out, and now just sitting here typing my boring day to whoever would like to read it. I hope my lady friend calls me tonight. She looked stunning yesterday. Im a lucky guy to have her as the sunshine in my sometimes cloudy life:)

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