Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthdays, Strep, And No lover...

Welp, August 15th was my birthday... The tradition of birthdays in my family is as follows:
child one(kendall) : Big DEAL. first child birthday of the year. big party... big deal.
2nd birthday(Kate): Summer party! invite every friend you know for a massive bbq! bonfire, big party.
3rd birthday(Candice): Just celebrated the 24th of July, so we have a party, "after party" its still big and ballin.
4th birthday(Carly): August birthday, usually more family oriented, but seems to get the best presents.
5th birthday(Collin): Every stupid kid age 14-16 comes over, wrecks our house, and kyle gets to clean it up.
Me. (Kyle): Last birthday. Everyone has reached burn out. Parties are now no longer fun. Usually no one knows its my birthday until facebook says it... so anyways, it's just how it goes...

Well, I guess one thing was cool. My brother, got me a... sword? haha.

 So after this, I had the opportunity of having my lovely, amazing, girlfriend to head off on a cruise to tenotichlan or also known as mexico. You see, I'm a total mess without her and after being with her, it's suprising how I've made it 18 years without her. Anyways, the point is, I'm in love with her, and want her forever. SO.... she left on this cruise, and so I was bound and determined to keep myself busy with random tasks so I wouldn't get too lonely. So I found a great little job to stay occupied. I did some demolition on a basketball court with my brother, and about halfway through, felt insta weak. I didn't want to be a pansy, so I kept with it. ANYWAYS, long story short. I had strep, and instead of going camping with my family, I had the blessing of sitting on my couch watching the clock tick, shivering with a migraine.
This strep rocked my world. I have had it so many times in the past... but this one was different. For 48 hours straight, I moved between 2 rooms in my house, unable to move my neck. Zombie status. I am so grateful for priesthood blessings, and I know that's why I've been able to overcome this so quickly. So yep, still finishing the antibiotic, but I'm all good!

Anywho, It blew not having Brittani, and having strep, having no family home the first night... just kinda rough.
B GETS HOME TOMORROW THOUGH! I'm going to be at her house and kiss her and hug her until she slaps me... actually, I'll keep hugging her. It's worth it:)

 anyways, here are a few pics from my sunday afternoon:

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