Wednesday, July 6, 2011


    I have had the best past few days:) I got to spend time with Brittani, and we watched a movie "French Kiss." Not going to lie... I thought it was going to be super super lame, but I actually really loved it. AND, it turns out it was my grandpa's favorite movie before he died... so double good!

    Also, I was able to spend all day on the fourth with her, we went to her grandma's house and I was so relieved when I was there. Everything felt easy, relaxed, and right. Her family is wonderful, and I was so glad I had the opportunity of meeting them. Im just happy when I am around her, and I'm so comfortable with her, I almost worried at first because we were so comfortable, but I know now that its the absolute best thing! Im her friend, and she's mine. I love my friend.

    Another thing I've been thinking about is how people can change, I have a little buddy... who has decided that he does not want to be my friend anymore. He avoids me, and dislikes me... it's hard at times, but i've realized I have done my part! And in the whole perspective, Im being blessed right now... and I am so grateful for my friendships and relationships...!

B is for Brittani. B is for Beautiful.

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